Lighthouse International School Phuket

The Lighthouse International School Phuket is located in the Rawai district of Phuket and welcomes students from two until 18. The school offers the Cambridge International Curriculum and follows a Waldorf inspired education program whereby students are encouraged to use their imagination and live for the moment. They believe that children should learn at their own pace, studying subjects they enjoy, which will help them develop into healthy and well-rounded individuals.

Many of the core subjects such as maths, science, and English incorporate practical projects that allow students to gravitate to things they want to pursue in later life, such as engineering or technology. Uniquely, students decide how much discipline will be put into their projects, and Lighthouse believes that offering structure choices enables students to be more independent, empowered, and self-confident and be freethinkers. They think that when anyone enjoys what they are doing, they can achieve far more.

The school has a range of internationally and locally qualified teachers with core subjects taught by native English speakers. Of course, lessons are taught in English, but the school recognises that students of nationalities attend with several languages spoken, so additional support is offered. Older students are encouraged to study in the cafeteria or park as well as the classroom as it introduces them to the “real world”.

As you would expect from a school following the Waldorf Program, they provide excellent levels of pastoral support with considerable effort made to ensure all students are happy, content and receive the support they require.