Category: British Curriculum

There are several international schools in Phuket teaching the British Curriculum, which works towards gaining iGCSEs and A Levels as in the UK. Most exams are set by the Cambridge Examining Board but modified slightly to comply with international standards. The Thai Ministry of Education must also approve all international schools.

Many British international schools in Thailand are affiliated with schools in the UK, which helps to improve the standard of education offered while also improving the school’s reputation in the eyes of parents and teachers. The schools are all fee-paying, with tuition fees varying significantly between schools. Most establishments offer kindergarten to sixth form education.

The British Curriculum is one of the most respected in the world and attracts students of all nationalities. The qualifications gained are recognised worldwide, which affords students more opportunities to study or work abroad. It also makes the transition easier for British students when they move from the UK or, indeed, return.


BCIS Phuket

The Berda Claude International School (BCIS Phuket) is situated in Chalong, on the east-central side of Phuket. The school has