Category: American Curriculum

Phuket has a selection of schools offering the American Curriculum, a curriculum based upon the type provided in the USA. Of course, all of the programs must meet international standards, with schools requiring approval from the Thai Ministry of Education.

To enhance their reputation and attract higher-quality teachers, many schools endeavour to gain accreditation by US and international bodies. The schools are privately owned and run and often offer schooling to all age groups ranging from kindergarten to 12th Grade.

Although international schools teaching the American Curriculum aim to attract children of US expats, local students are very welcome. The system will make it easier for pupils to attend a school in the US as the education received will be comparable, although the school will not ignore local values and culture.

As students receive a higher level of personal attention than they would expect to receive in a local school, tuition fees are higher, but they vary from school to school.